The Rosato brand originated in the famous Italian goldsmith borough of Arezzo in 2004 and soon became renowned in the United States and among celebrities for its original creations that combine Arezzo’s finest goldsmithing and a meticulous interpretation of fashion trends. Over the years, beautiful, sensual and fascinating actresses have been the face and the icons of the brand, first and foremost, Demi Moore and Elizabeth Hurley.
In 2011, Rosato was acquired by the Bros Manifatture Group, thanks to the insight of Chairman Lanfranco Beleggia who admired the creativity and continuous pursuit of innovation of the brand. The new team combined Rosato’s style and philosophy, interpreting them with a modern twist and giving life to unique, exclusive, collectible, and desirable jewelry that evokes emotions. Cult items, creations where great attention is paid to every detail to enhance women’s femininity and satisfy their desire for vanity.


The distribution of Rosato is exclusive and limited: the brand is sold in concept stores and the best jewelry stores across Italy and worldwide, including shop-in-shops.


The brand has strengthened its position in the Italian fine jewelry industry with the opening of three stores in the main shopping streets—Rome in Via del Babuino, Milan in Via della Spiga, Forte dei Marmi in Via Mazzini—and abroad, with stores in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the luxurious Starhill Gallery and Pavilion Malls, and, last but not least, in China with the concept stores in Shanghai and Tianjin.


The Company avails itself of a team of experienced architects and designers who carefully design and customize point-of-sale display.
The retail project has given life to a functional, special area exclusively dedicated to the Rosato brand where the product is highlighted, becoming the focal point.