Making women happy

Rosato jewelry brings joy, nurtured by the desire for vanity. The brand mission is to make women happy, enhancing their sensitivity with unique, collectible and desirable items to share and love. This mission goes beyond the success of the brand—its purpose is to get in touch with the depths of the female soul, becoming a source of inspiration for all women.


Every single piece of Rosato jewelry recalls a special moment to treasure at all times, a moment as unique as the woman who wears it.


Small works of art that give life to collections in line with the values of affordable luxury, contemporary design and personal storytelling.


This is the essence of Rosato, where the goldsmiths’ craft blends with design and creativity to create “icons”—depictions that interpret each woman’s dreams and desires. A story, a bond, a world of emotions encapsulated in the piece of jewelry you have always desired.