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Unconventional Stories

Multifaceted women who are always connected, self-confident, curious, independent, unconventional and the protagonist of her own lives. Women who choose the piece of jewelry they represent and tell us about their own world with a self-deprecating sense of humor and style are the women that have inspired STORIES, Rosato’s latest line.

The moments, aspirations and desires evoked by this new line are represented by four moods in the Unconventional Stories campaign. BAD GIRL CLUB encapsulates everything that a free spirit representsa woman who can dream big and reinvent the rules. POSTCARD is much more than a simple journey: it’s the real need to keep a suitcase always ready to leave and pursue moments worth of being treasured in our memories forever. FASHION BEAST embodies an eye that is attentive to the continuous evolution of fashion, and able to reinterpret it according to its own style. BUENA SUERTE dares to challenge Lady Luck but who cares if you have the right good-luck charms?

The new ad campaign developed by Edizioni Condè Nast features a fresh, captivating tone, never lacking originality that gives life to engaging storytelling. Magical pop-up books open in an explosion of figures, symbols and icons for each and every mood.

The protagonists of the ad are the latest Rosato rose gold charms: contemporary, iconic and contaminated with strong personalities, they tell stories about women in the form of modern fairy tales, conveying dreams, wishes and hopes.

Unconventional Stories: the new contemporary charms!

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